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"There is no good and evil, just power and those to weak to seek it..." ~Tom Riddle

Okay. So I got some wonderful news for you all. 

We have a teacher. Yes. The genius of Michelle Spicer has used her Ravenclawness to convince the newest choir teacher to be our moderator. What does this mean for you? 

Well, it means that meeting will be starting up within the next 2-4 weeks. Please be patient and as flexible as you can. We need to let this new guy adjust before we bombard him with the wonderfullness that is Harry Potter Club. 

It is important that you check here more often now so you know what's going on and all.

Monthly HP News:
September 19th: Hermione Jane Granger's 27th birthday! (That is, assuming she doesn't get killed in the last book)

Recently: Emma Watson has dyed her hair. Yeah, I know it's not really HP related, but she died her hair blonde. Blonde. Hermione is not a blonde. 

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