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::GASP:: An Update!

Sorry about the lack of updating. I've been really busy and then by the time I get to the computer I'm too lazy to update. Anyway's here's the update.

Recent Meeting: Nov. 16th: a little bit of general HP discussion. Discussed time theories and our thoughts on the movies. Also discussed meeting time/place for in the future. Short meeting.

HP News:
OotP Poster Released: The first promo poster for OotP has been released. Fans of Voldemort will rejoice and the poster reflects the darker turn the books/movies have taken.

OotP Trailor Nov. 17th: That's right. FIRST OotP trailor will premiere tomorrow right before the movie Happy Feet which is sure to be a great movie in itself. Really, what's better than dancing and singing penguins with a little bit of Harry Potter beforehand?

I was going to post more news, but I don't really feel like doing so. So, I decided to do weekly news posts to keep you all updated on what has been going on.

Meeting Times:
November 30th in the music wing until 4:15-4:30 (please bring at least one theory to share)

Have a good Thanksgiving Break and be sure to read some Harry while you're weighted down with the turkey...or whatever you have :D

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