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On August 1st, some members of our Harry Potter Book Club went to the city (NYC) to attend the charity reading JKR appeared at. Although I could not attend (due to the fact that I was up in Maine with my family), I have gathered the information from those who did attend. Apparently, the few who could go had a blast. The car ride was one thing, but meeting Emerson of mugglenet...

...was another. Apparently, Mr. Anderson started talking to a guy and then found out that "the guy" was Emerson of mugglenet. I, personally, am glad I wasn't there for that part because I would've had a few words to say to him...but it was a good thing for our club. Anderson got him to sign a few stuff and talked to him about how our club is "going global!". 

The reading was, from what I've heard, as wonderful as they had hoped. After the reading, there was food (as there always is with our club) and the 4 hour trip back to the high school. During the trip, our club tlaked about the reading and also decided to read some Cosmo Girl magazines. Apparently, Mr. Anderson was highly amused and enjoyed reading them out loud. 

It was just another great HP club outing, except for the fact that JKR just happened to be reading...
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