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Weekly News

I promised that I would do a weekly news post and I will. So here's the first real addition.

OotP Movie News
It's a big week for OotP! 
~The first promotional poster was released. You can view it here. The poster feature Voldemort casting a spell with the caption "You will lose everything". It shows the dark turn the movies and books are taking with OotP.
~The first clips of OotP aired on ABC and ABC family this past week in a commerical! You can view the commericial on those channels or on demand at HPANA
~Some amazing new still have also been released, including a still of the Harry/Cho kiss. You can view them right here. And for a better quality pic of the Harry/Cho kiss go here.
~The teaser trailer which permiered in front of happy feet is now online! What are you waiting for? Go check it out and rewatch it until your parents cut you off! View it here. 
~And of course, check out the Movie 5 official site.

Actor/Actress News
Emma Watson spoke at Oxford about her experience as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. To see the interview go here

Book 7
Well, as usual, tabloids are claiming that they know what's going to happen, but remember that these are only rumours. Nothing has officially been released about Book 7 recently.
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January 4 2007, 01:49:20 UTC 11 years ago

The title has been released as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!!!!!