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The Harry Potter Book Club of HHS
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The Harry Potter Book Club!

Welcome to the LJ community for the Harry Potter Book Club of Horseheads High School. We are currently on our summer break, but coming third week of September, our club will begin meeting regularly and weekly updates (at least). So, I bet you are wondering what exactly we do. Well, let me share that with you!

Every week, our club meets for about and hour to an hour and a half. During that time we theorize, argue, discuss, argue, and debate. It's a very informal club. It's a come and go sort of thing, and it's extremely fun. Once a year, we do a "movie marathon!" and it lasts all day. Last year, we were at the school for 12 hours watching the movies and playing a little bit of HP Scene it! Three of use, myself included, did our usual food shopping and it was a blast. Along with our annual movie marathon, we find excuses to throw HP parties. We had our "100 days until HBP!" and "50 days until HBP!" during 2005.

You probably noticed I mentioned that we argue (:D). Naturally, we are all different people. Get a bunch of HP fans into one room and you're bound to hear some arguing. Our main arguments/debates revolve mostly around this:
1. Ron will die/won't (thanks to myself)
2. Ships... naturally
3. Sirius is dead/alive
4. Dumbledore is dead/alive
5. Snape is evil/not evil
6. What the horcruxes are
7. Whether JKR screwed HBP over/didn't
8. Whether Ginny is decent/not

Along with our debates, we theorize. We have some really fantastic people in the club and we get theories together that have never been online. We write them down, we do rereads and analyze, and we talk it over. We have created one of the best sorting hat quizzes ever, and that will soon be posted.

Sadly, this year, the founder and amazing advisor of HP club will be leaving the school. That said, we are currently working on finding a teacher to "advise" us, but this year we will be mostly student-run. We will carry on our "Going Global!" plan, that the wonderful Mr. Anderson, founder of the club, initiated this past year.

This post right here introduces you, properly, to the members of the club, so you can check that out.